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Greg Mor
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competitive tennis players
in their pursuit of
a better game.

A planner/journal,


  • Goal-setting
  • Evaluation of game
  • Training & cross-training
  • Tips on strokes and strategy
  • Journal for lesson and match notes
  • Opponent evaluation
  • Player and resource directory
  • Personal calendar
  • Tournament planner
  • Racquet/string info
  • Match chart

    NTRP rating system
  • And much more!

    Players are encouraged to work with a pro in conjunction
  • Created by a USTA Developmental Coach

Whether you're a professional, college, club or league team member, or an avid tennis player looking to improve, JB's TENNIS WORKBOOK© can assist you in attaining a higher level of tennis.

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When you set out on a cross-country journey,
you always take along a road map. JBs Tennis
Workbook is your road map towards reaching your potential as a tennis player. JBs Tennis Worbkook is a fabulous tool for players of all ages and abilities.
With sections such as goal setting, off-court training , a contact list, tournament planner, match evaluation, and much more, this book helps you to see where you presently are as a tennis player, where you've been and, most important---where you're going! JBs Tennis Workbook is a must for anyone who's interested
in improving their game!

Greg Moran
Author of
Tennis Beyond Big Shots